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About Darius

School Stuff

  • BM USC - top grad award
  • MM USC - top grad award
  • UCLA Film Scoring School
  • Interlochen Arts Academy
  • Congress of Strings

Resume Things

  • Performed on over 2,000 films
  • Performed on over 10,000 songs
  • Composed for 4 films and Disney tv
  • Violin teacher USC, CLU
  • Concertmaster jobs with many orchestras including USC, Conejo, Riverside, Santa Barbara, LACO, LA Philharmonic Institute.
  • Featured artist Kennedy Center
  • Performed with almost every major artist from Sinatra, Streisand, Jackson , Madonna and Gaga to bands the Eagles and No Doubt


  • Have written numerous screenplays
  • Just premiered (summer '18) his new Musical and directed it.
  • Placed in World Series of Poker
  • Former professional blackjack player And ritten two screenpllays  dust premiered and
  • CA real estate licensee. Represented over 6,000 musicians in sale of the legendary Musicians Union building in Hollywood CA and finding their new home in Burbank CA.


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Performed violin, viola and cello on this.


Live radio broadcast.


Modern String Quartet playing. I'm playing 1st violin. Check the last minute or two of this piece, pretty wild!

Tango Dario

violin Darius Campo

composer Frank Campo

cello concert0

composer Darius Campo

demo recording

Electric Violin

Violin, Piano and Composed by Darius Campo


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Darius Campo